Canadian Diabetes Care Educator Appreciation Grant

Dear Diabetes Educator Colleagues, img_professionalsWe are pleased to announce the continuation of our Appreciation Grant for diabetes educator professionals.  The Grant will be available through a random draw to all diabetes educator professionals practicing in Canada.  It can be used at the discretion of your clinic for educational materials, for help in attending conferences and so on. [box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Congratulations to last quarter’s winner Alison Mooney, RD CDE at William Osler Health System, Brampton Civic Hospital. [/box]

Kind regards, Maureen & Alan Donaldson,

Canadian Diabetes Care Guide.

Thank-you! Entries are closed.

  • Bobbie Lynn

    I just found out about the appreciation Grant. What a great idea. Thanks for helping to support the community.

  • Loretta

    This is awesome. With funding so limited now, it is very appreciated.

  • Kellie

    Thank-you for your continued support. As a clinician, your resources can help us better serve our populations.

  • Barb

    Thanks so much Maureen and Alan for all the great work you do, and your wonderful
    care kits for our clients. Education is so very important in our world, so a huge thank-
    you for giving educators this opportunity!!

  • Laurel deGoeij

    Thanks much! This kit has helped many needy clients and the information included has been very educational.

  • Carlene Mennen

    Thanks so much for everything!

  • Sue

    Great perk for all the enthusiastic CDEs in Canada. Thanks for the support.

  • Janet

    What a great idea! As educators we would be so grateful to have the funds put towards continuing education for staff. We appreciate the both the patient and professional packages which are both educational and have helped so many in need. Thanks!

  • JMA

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. Cheers!

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  • Dilani

    Very thankful for wonderful opportunities like these for us educators! Thank you!

  • Marcheta

    Thanks so much for the opportunity

  • Rose

    Always a supporter of continuous adult education opportunities, this would be beneficial to maintaining our expertise and sharing the information with patients and collegues.

  • cheryl

    Great to have the support!

  • minnie jeffries

    thanks for the opportunity

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  • farnouche

    thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

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  • Leslie Carlson


  • minnie jeffries

    we need support as such to keep us going in isolated communities

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