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Diabetes Care News Article Archive

Diabetes Care News - For frontline diabetes professionals

Diabetes Care News is published quarterly and contains peer written articles on a variety of diabetes related topics to assist educators with their product assessments and patient recommendations.

Winter 2010: The Healthcare Revolution Will Not Be Televised, It Will Be Online
Winter 2010: Treating the Common Cold and Type 2 Diabetes

Fall 2010: Effecting Change

Summer 2010: Diabetes and the Elderly

Spring 2010: Diabetes and Sleep
Spring 2010: Treating Dry Eye in People with Diabetes

Winter 2009: Nutritional Gatekeepers

Fall 2009: Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Summer 2009: Role of the Pharmacist in Diabetes Care
Summer 2009: Urinary Incontinence Awareness

Spring 2009: Fibre - The Inside Story

Winter 2008: Show Me the Weigh

Fall 2008: The Obesity Evolution and Revolution: The Mindless Eating Movement
Fall 2008: Diabetes Management is Continuously Evolving  

Summer 2008: Summer Nutrition Savvy
Summer 2008: Why Fad Diets Fail Us  

Spring 2008: Step Into Action  

Winter 2007: Challenges Facing the Diabetes Educator  

Fall 2007: Teaching Counselling Skills to Dietetic Interns  

Summer 2007: From Brown Bread to White  

Spring 2007: Navigating the New Dyslipidemia Guidelines  

Winter 2006: Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes  

Fall 2006: Intensive Therapy & the Insulin Pump  

Summer 2006: How to Address Common Diet & Cardiovascular Disease Myths

Spring 2006: Compliance - The Educator/Client Challenge

Archive of Past Issues

Past issues of Diabetes Care News are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it

Winter 2005: The Glycemic Index - Benefits & Use in Diabetes Management

Fall 2005: The Role of Physical Activity in the Weight Game

Summer 2005: Unraveling the Mystery - Interpreting Blood Sugar Patterns, Part 2

Spring 2005: Unraveling the Mystery - Interpreting Blood Sugar Patterns, Part 1

Winter 2004: Athletes, Sports Nutrition & Type 1 Diabetes

Fall 2004: Diabetes & Periodontal Disease - A Complex Two-Way Connection

Summer 2004: Clinical Practice Guidelines

Spring 2004: An Active Member of the Diabetes Care Team - The Certified Pedorthist

Winter 2003: At the Heart of Diabetes

Fall 2003: Project Pdometer

Summer 2003: Gestational Post-Partum Program - A Type 2 Prevention Initiative

Spring 2003: Maytag Announces New Nutrition Initiative to Fight Diabetes in Canada

Winter 2002: Smoking Cessation & Diabetes

Fall 2002: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Strategies

Summer 2002: Childhood Obesity

Spring 2002: Diabetes & Celiac Disease

2001/Volume 8: Hypoglycemia Unawareness

2001/Volume 7: Nutrition Management of Elevated Lipids in Diabetes

2001/Volume 6: One Out of Three People with Diabetes Suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome

2001/Volume 5: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

2000/Volume 4: Diabetes Management Co-operative

2000/Volume 3: Successful Diabetes Management Result of Positive Attitude & Education

2000/Volume 2: First Canadian Diabetes Care Professional Pack - A Resounding Success

2000/Volume 1: Premiere Issue