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Diabetes? Not Me! Finding out you have diabetes is not easy. You may experience a number of emotions…fear, worry, anger, sadness…and all are normal. As you make your first visit to your diabetes team, you probably have a lot of questions. What will happen to me? What can I eat? Should I stop eating sugar? Will I need to take needles? These early questions, and their answers, are very important. They form the foundation of lifelong learning that will help you live a full and healthy life with diabetes.

Although diabetes is a serious and lifelong condition, there is a lot you can do to look after your health. As you learn about diabetes, you will understand how the choices you make every day can help you manage your diabetes successfully. It is important to realize you are not alone…over 2 million Canadians have diabetes. Fortunately, there are health care providers and resources available to help you take charge of your health and your future.


The Canadian Diabetes Care Guide has been produced to offer you support as you learn how to stay healthy with diabetes. The Guide covers many topics…information about diabetes, your diabetes team, problems that can be caused by uncontrolled diabetes and the tools available to you to control your diabetes.

There is a Personal Health Record available for download. It outlines what tests your physician will order, how often they will be done and what the results should be. There is a place for your own results, so write them down and keep track of your progress. Take the health record with you when you have an appointment with a member of your diabetes team.

This Guide offers easy to follow, practical and current information about diabetes. It is designed to support the information you receive from members of your diabetes team. The print version of the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide offers note pages helpful for recording information and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse. Take charge of your diabetes. Manage your future with confidence and optimism.

This website is intended to enhance your relationship with your health care providers and not to replace it. Always seek qualified medical advice regarding your diabetes care, screening and treatment.

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