Medical ID

by diabetes care guide

The fact that you have type 2 diabetes can alter your treatment in an emergency situation. If you are unable to communicate, a medical identification can speak for you. The most common form of medical identification is a card, bracelet or necklace.

The ID Card can be carried in your wallet. It shows that you have diabetes and what you need in an emergency.

ID bracelets and necklaces are available through medical emergency organizations or a jewellery store. Any medical conditions, allergies and sometimes medications such as insulin are engraved on the back.

If you purchase Medical ID through an organization such as MedicAlert your identification is engraved with a membership number and primary medical condition. For an annual fee, there is a 24-hour hotline to provide healthcare personnel access to your medical records.

Record your personal information and who to contact in case of emergency and carry it with you.

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